Citizens Alliance for Better Candidates
Support Bloomberg 2020 by Running for Office or Support your local Candidate.

Only a true independent like Mike Bloomberg can derail the incumbent independent president who corralled the right wing party and is perpetuating  crimes against the people and our constitution.

We need every down ticket seat challenged in support of Mike 2020. Help us recruit candidates, coach and train as needed, serve as surrogates at public events, help raise funds, gather supporters to grow the field operations, print collateral materials, run ads, keep social media current and active and deliver the votes on Election Day 2020!

Your $20 Contribution helps more than you would expect. It helps to build the database and deliver at least three dozen phone calls to identify and deliver favorable voters to the polls.

Your $40 blasts social media to highlight our candidate and drive sign-ups to the campaign.

Your $75 pays for a 3-town business meet-and-greet tour, town-hall or candidate forum event.

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Your $150 pays for 5,000 handouts in a district of 450,000 voters of which 60% will vote. Of those that vote, some 35% can be considered swing voters. 

Your $500 helps us identify and personally greet 333 swing voters in a focused precinct. That is how many we need to meet each day in each precinct during the 250 days of campaigning.

Your $1,000 secures the means to identify and convince nearly 700 voters to commit their vote to our cause.

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